How we help

Insane Logic are dedicated to giving children the best start in life. Early intervention is essential for allow children with speech and language difficulties to catch up with their peers. MyChoicePad has been proven to be effective if your child has a speech, language and communication need.

Key benefits

  • Improve your child’s Makaton signing
  • Focus on language acquisition and development
  • Give them the best start to their education

Within 2 months of using MyChoicePad


saw progression in language development


agreed they saw progression in communication skills

Case studies

Charmaine, 7

Charmaine, 7 has a chromosome disorder which makes her speech and language disordered. Her mum and her use MyChoicePad in her homelife to makes grids about her routine.

We have been particularly using it for routines…for our family the biggest impact is having the routines, so rather than it being a stressful morning, she knows what she’s doing and when she’s doing it. She is in control of her morning routine.

Eve, Charmaine’s mum

Finn, 3

Finn, 3 has hypertonia throughout his body, the low tone has caused severe speech delay. He finds a lack of communication very frustrating. To meet his speech targets they have created matching grids with MyChoicePad to encourage speech.

For Finn, he enjoys the interaction and being able to choose. Although he is quite vocal, the more tired he gets, the more he relies on signing and symbols to back up what he wants.

Kate, Finn’s mum


MyChoicePad brings together proven speech and language therapy techniques with market leading technology to deliver communication and independence development via tablet computers



Bring conversation to life with photos and voice recordings



Fun games that encourage Language Development



Access to 4000+ Makaton Symbols and Signs

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