Personalised Support

Everyone is different. That’s why you create a unique ChoicePad for each person you’d like to support. Personalise Grids specially for them and let them progress through Pathways at their own pace.


Designed by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists to help with Language Development. These fun games will help your Learner to improve their vocabulary, develop their understanding and start to build basic sentences.

grids_icon_grey_v2 Grids

Quickly build personalised Grids to support your Learner in everyday activities and conversations. Build plans and lists for upcoming events or capture photos during activities and use them to discuss the activities later!

MyChoicePad for Organisations

The needs of Organisations were carefully considered when we built MyChoicePad. It can be setup quickly, managed centrally and allows you to easily report on the impact your Organisation is having on communication. That’s why it’s already used by hundreds of schools, colleges and adult care environments accross the UK.

Measurable Impact

MyChoicePad’s Admin Dashboard gives you everything you need to demonstrate your Organisation’s commitment to communication. See the progress your organisation is making as a whole or zoom in on a particular Learner or Staff Member.

Centralised Management

MyChoicePads Admin Dashboard enables you to manage all of your Staff Accounts, Devices and Learners in one place, no matter where they are located.

Personalised Support

MyChoicePad is personalised for every person you support.

Measurable Outcomes

Clearly demonstrate your commitment to improving communication.

Easy to Manage

Manage Staff Accounts, Devices and Learners all in one place