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MyChoicePad for schools and colleges is the right decision for you if you are passionate about using technology to inspire and empower your students. MyChoicePad is effective in use for measurable language development and English as an Additional Language. We are already in over 400 schools across the UK so far. It is suitable for use with early years and KS1 in mainstream settings and across all age ranges in special schools and colleges.

Key benefits

  • Research has shown that MyChoicePad can help increase the language acquisition and communication levels of users at a functional and key word level
  • Meet language development and communication targets crucial for building pre literacy and numeracy skills
  • Help children with EAL catch up with their peers vocabulary levels
  • Keep parents, speech and language therapists and OFSTED informed of progress through the MyChoicePad reporting platform
  • Allows speech and language therapists to monitor progress remotely while staff make appropriate interventions


We have found that the pupils are very motivated by the Ipad and are very keen to use the mychoicepad programme. We have found it an especially useful way in enabling pupils to make very simple choices within specific routines as well as to highlight their understanding by selecting and touching symbols.

Margaret Rimmer, Head Teacher at Kingsdown School

Case study: Ark Tindal School

We provided Ark Schools with

  • Communication baseline assessments by our Speech and Language Therapists
  • SALT designed communication targets and objectives
  • Makaton training for support workers (if required)
  • MyChoicePad training for support workers
  • Tablets and copies of MyChoicePad
  • Post pilot communication assessment
  • Video case study for internal and external communication
  • Speech and Language Therapy Report on results

After the 8-week trial

There was a 340% increase in the number of students who were able to recognise spoken word after using MyChoicePad.

Before using MyChoicePad, more than 50% of the children were unable to copy Makaton signs, either partially or at all. After using the app, more than 80% of children were able to reproduce signs exactly, and a further 12% could do so partially.

After using MyChoicePad, 100% of students were able to communicate in English in some way – either through sign alone (7%) or sign and speech (16%), but with the vast majority being able to use effective spoken word (77%).

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From £99 per user for a 1 year software licence minimum spend (£990 + VAT)
Training £700 + VAT per day