Speech and Language Therapists

How we help

Insane Logic have developed MyChoicePad in collaboration with Speech and Language therapists and we are committed to carrying out research and taking on board feedback to make sure the software is as beneficial as it can be. We have a team of speech and language therapists who are dedicated to measuring and improving the impact of MyChoicePad through research and advice.

MyChoicePad software is already being used by Speech and Language professionals across the UK in

  • Early years
  • Mainstream and specialist schools
  • Adult care
  • Supporting parents

Please visit our research page to read about the studies we have carried out.

MyChoicePad can help you reach your targets as a speech and language therapist

It can be used as

A resource to support your use of signing and symbols when working to achieve receptive language targets

MyChoicePad acts as a vocabulary bank containing the vocabulary for 4000+ nouns, verbs and linguistic concepts

A tool when working to achieve goals through narrative approaches

Picture, photo or symbol resources can be customised according to the relevant target, to support receptive and expressive targets for example confirming understanding of narrative concepts such as ‘who?’, ‘where?’ and ‘What happened.’

A tool to build in visual support for expressive targets

Customisable grids mean the therapist can choose which photos or symbols to slot into a grid to act as a visual clue for a wide range of expressive objectives such as communication to make a choice, communication to direct another, communication to proffer information

A tool when working towards semantic targets

MyChoicePad’s unique grid system makes setting up classification, sorting and grouping activities very easy, and the therapist can be in control of which vocabulary is presented

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