The Insane Logic team are a close group of talented people who enjoy working together. We believe in a relaxed work environment that is the right mix of fun and productivity. We’re all highly driven individuals who believe in what we do!


Zoe Peden

Co-founder and Chief Juggler

Andrew Jackman

Co-founder and Chief Code Monkey

Speech and Language Therapists

Lisa Morsley


Ami Coleman


Dot Reeves

Chief Speechie

The Core Team

Dom Povey

Head Firestarter

Rui Costa

iOS Developer

Irene Frischknecht

Office Manager

Ciro Rizzo

Android Developer

Anthea Hunter

Financial Manager

Annie Logan

Communications Ace

James Summers

Code Monkey

Nathan Coulson

Project Manager

Robert Conway

Head Go-Getter

Katy Beardall

Marketing Intern

Ogi Schneider



Zenna Hopson

Insane Logic Non-Executive Director

Bob Tindall

Insane Logic Social Care Advisor